May Day is Lei Day in Hawai'i Lei

May Day is Lei Day in Hawai'i Lei

Lei Day is a state-wide celebration in Hawai'i.  Established as a holiday in 1929, the festivities have consistently grown each year.

Each island has a special flower and color that represents her, Niihau is the only island not using a plant as its symbol.

Oahu - 'Ilima/Yellow

Big Island - Lehua/Red

Maui - Lokelani/Pink

Kauai - Mokihana/Purple

Molokai - Kukui/Green

Lanai - Kauna'oa/Orange

Niihau - Pupu Shells/White

Kahoolawe - Hinahina/Gray

Lei Day is a celebration of Hawaiian culture, the Aloha Spirit.  People give gifts of leis to one another.  Parades, festivals, craft fairs, Hula dances, pageants, contests, and ceremonies are a major part of the Lei Day celebration.  The most important ceremony takes place at Kapiolani Park on Oahu.

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