Art Print, Atasha Rabbit Surfs Haleiwa 11 x 14

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11 x 14 mat with 8 x10 signed open edition print on fine paper.

Everyone's favorite artwork now can be on your wall, to remind you the magic of Haleiwa Town in Hawaii's North Shore.

Beloved Atasha Rabbit is a Hawaiian rabbit girl who is loved by children and adults alike.   Atasha has golden tanned skin, panda eyes, big long ears, mischievous smile, and a singing heart.  She loves hula, surfing, gardening, travel, and learning new things.  Hoku is Chu Chu's (The leading lady of the Atasha Rabbit Family) handmade heirloom doll.  In Hawaiian Hoku means star.

A tribute to the iconic Haleiwa sign.  Atasha Rabbit is a fan of the historical Haleiwa town, she is friends with some local chickens, and they love surfing together after school.

Great for kids from newborn to 98.