At Citadine, we are mindful of the world’s ecological challenges.  Sustainability has been one of our core values since day one.  From design, sourcing, production, operations, to marketing, we are committed through conscious choices to reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing waste and using materials with a significantly reduced environmental impact whenever possible.

We believe making designs good-looking and user-friendly will increase product longevity - one of the reasons we prioritize beauty as much as we do quality and functionality.  We don’t follow trend, we prefer timelessness and simple elegance, so that our products are beautiful to universal standard to last.  We produce everything in small quantity, we ask you to purchase only what you truly need.

In addition, we are committed to ethical manufacturing practices, working with reputable manufacturers in China who share our values and ensure that our products are made in safe and fair working conditions.

Thank you for joining the movement of change to eliminate single use plastic bags worldwide.  Being a young company, we are constantly looking for ways to learn and to improve.  We invite you to join us on our journey towards a sustainable tomorrow, for our mother planet, our oceans, and our future generations.