Pareo Hawaiian Quilt Blue on Blue


Hawaiian Quilt Pareo Beach Cover-Up

Introducing our Hawaiian Quilt Pareo Beach Cover-Up - Free Size

Crafted as an homage to the traditional Hawaiian quilt, our cover-up boasts a timeless allure in its blue-on-blue motif, reflecting the rich heritage of the Hawaiian Islands.

Key Features:

  • Made with 100% premium combed cotton, ensuring a soft and silky touch against your skin.
  • Generously sized at approximately 46" wide x 73" long, making it one of the most accommodating pareos available.
  • Versatile functionality allows it to serve as a sarong, scarf, or even a light sheet for indulgent afternoon naps.

Why Choose Our Hawaiian Quilt Pareo Beach Cover-Up?

  • Embrace the essence of Hawaiian culture with an authentic piece that celebrates the artistry of Hawaiian quilt-making.
  • Revel in luxurious comfort with the softness of premium combed cotton, promising a blissful experience under the sun.
  • Experience unparalleled versatility, effortlessly transitioning from beach cover-up to stylish accessory for any occasion.